Hard Hat Harassers

Photo Snapped by Anonymous

This morning, I was headed to work and Lee Highway was being re-paved. It looked like part of where I was walking had been re-paved. It looked wet and I didn’t want to step in it so I skipped over it. These construction workers were yelling loudly at me. At first I thought it was because they were telling me I shouldn’t walk near it, but I turn around and see these guys making fun of me. They were imitating my skip, calling me names (such as “prissy”) and laughing at me. It was tacky and uncalled for. I don’t think they would’ve done this if I were a man.

I snapped a photo of these men then calmly walked up to the truck, pulled out my notebook and a pen and started writing down the truck information and company information. The one who was the loudest taunter turned quiet, sipping his iced tea and doing nothing as I copied down the information. I said nothing to these men during this and vice versa. I then walked away. Not once did they try to stop me. They knew they were going to be in trouble.

So I’m about to call their company, IWH Corp (they’re in Laurel, MD) now. Their number is (202) 361-8813. Also, the license plate of this truck was 204 ED (the E was on top of the D) 21, MD plates. (Also, there was some kind of registration sticker on it, 2224 65 DC.)

I don’t know why these men think it’s cool to bother women while they’re on the clock, especially when their company’s information is out there for the world to see. Nothing I did this morning warranted their behavior towards me. Let’s hope this phone call I make goes well.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6/22/2010

Location: 2400 block of Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

Time of Harassment : Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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5 Responses

  1. Grace

    Yeah, good for you! I can’t imagine that their company will be pleased to hear that their workers are out there treating women like crap on their time.

  2. Anonymous in Arlington

    Bad news…I tried to call the number listed immediately after submitting this story, and I got “The subscriber you have called is not receiving calls at this time.” I Googled the company and got another number, (202) 525-2183, then I got “Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system.” Since I did not hear the company’s name listed, I opted not to leave a message. They sound like funky cell phone numbers and not those of a proper business.

    I even tried both numbers again just now, and same thing. I am wondering if they didn’t stop me from copying their info because they knew they’d get away with it. This really sucks, but if there is another (more professional) number to call, I’ll try again.

  3. K

    On the other hand, if you google “IWH Corp Laurel, MD”, this entry is the third hit, so the message that IWH has unprofessional employees is out there for those looking them up.

  4. cathy

    you could try the municipality that hired these bozos? good luck!

  5. Anonymous in Arlington

    Update: I called the second number again. At first I was hung up on. I tried it again, and this time someone answers.

    Guy on phone: “Hello?”
    Me: “Is this IWH Corp?”
    Guy: “Uh…yeah!”
    Me: “Really? This doesn’t sound like a professional phone number. You sound like you’ve just gotten out of bed. You’re supposed to answer a phone with the company’s name.”
    Guy: “Well the, uh, guy who’s supposed to answer the phone’s, uh…the manager’s not here.”
    Me: “When will he be here?”
    Guy: “I don’t know. Why are you calling?”

    This guy sounded like a mess and I wanted to speak to someone higher up.

    Me: “I want to speak to someone higher up because I have a complaint to file.”
    Guy: “Well, uh…maybe he’ll be here later tonight!”

    I said I’d call later, but I don’t think anything will come out of it. IWH seems to be an unprofessional company, down to those doing the labor and up to those who man the company. This is disappointing because I really wanted action taken.