Give Me Some Space!

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Photo by EvinDC via Flickr

Around 1 P.M. this past Saturday, my girlfriend and I were walking towards the Eastern Market metro. As we approached the escalators, a man came up to us and asked for money. We both said “no, sorry.” He then came very close to me, peering down and staring very hard at my chest. This put him in between my girlfriend and myself. I put a hand up to keep him from coming closer and loudly told him to give me some space. When he kept following me and his face was only inches from my breasts, my girlfriend yelled at him to stop and asked what the eff was wrong with him. He asked if I was “her girl,” and when she replied yes, he said “But I’m HORNY,” continuing to leer at me. We told him he was disgusting, that what he was doing was not OK, but he just laughed. Pretty infuriating. I’m just glad there wasn’t any actual physical contact.

The whole exchange was pretty loud, and by this point other people were glancing our way, which is why I think the guy moved off. I think he had some friends nearby who were getting a good laugh about it.

Description: around 5’7,” 40ish, black male with a big potbelly in a red shirt.

Submitted by Anonymous of 6/24/2010

Location: Top of the Escalators outside of Eastern Market metro station

Time of Harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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