“I’m Sick of Being Hollered At!”

I was biking hard west on Florida Ave Sunday night, and as I was going through the intersection at 10th, there was car full of men idling east-bound. The driver hollered out to me, “I bet you have soft thighs.” I just ignored the gross comment and kept going at my furious pace, insecure that my thigh was in fact exposed as I was peddling up the street.

I’m sick of being hollered at. I’m sick of being hollered at when I’m biking. It goes down too fast to respond, properly document, get their photo, or even say fuck off, And I usually am not comfortable circling back around to holler back and escalate the situation. I don’t like feeling like a target because I’m doing something physical and usually in comfortable biking clothing (which means baring more skin.) I’m not going to bike in a burka, so they can fuck off.

We shouldn’t have to walk/bike/bus/metro in fear of unwanted or threatening comments or actions. It our space too!

Submitted by Jackie on 6/20/2010

Location: Florida Ave & 10th St, NW

Time of Harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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  1. Melanie

    Jackie, you are the shit.