Thanks For Ruining My Walk!

I was walking home around 9 pm, a block from my house, in my residential neighborhood. Although I often wave and say hello to neighbors on their porches and they do the same, a man on a porch decided to take it further.

He yelled out to me, “Man, are you pretty. I want to MARRY you.” When I didn’t respond, he continued the average street harassment with “where are you going? come talk to me.” etc.

I was so annoyed that when I got home and took my dog for a walk I avoided that whole block.

Submitted by MW on 6/20/2010

Location: between 5th and 7th St on Sheridan St NW

Time of Harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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One Response

  1. Golden Silence

    What’s up with these harassers and their lame marriage proposals?