“I Am NOT Anyone’s Prey”

This experience isn’t nearly as bad as those of other women, but I just thought I’d share, because I came out of it with the upper hand! Take that, creeps!

It was St Patrick’s Day, and I was out celebrating with a big group of friends. Eventually it rolls around to about 2am or so, some of our group decides to head home, so my remaining friend (female) and I decide to walk down to another bar, a block away, on a main thoroughfare. We’re about halfway between bars, on a semi-lit street, when out of nowhere a guy RUNS across the street yelling “HEY SEXY GIRLS WHERE THE PARTY AT???”. (note: we are wearing jeans and warm jackets, not exactly dressed sexy, not that it matters.) My friend, accustomed to being friendly and rather naive, says “oh we’re heading to ____”, and this creep starts trying VERY persistently and invasively to get us to come to his house for a “party”.

My friend keeps walking, but I suddenly became very uncomfortably aware of the fact that there were no other people or vehicles on the street. Despite my somewhat impaired functioning, I was nervous. Something in the deep common sense part of my brain told me there was no way I was going to let this guy get behind me where I couldn’t see what he was doing. So as he followed us from the side, I slowed down more and more, not letting him get behind me. My friend is turning around wanting to know where I am and trying to wait for me, I tell her to keep going, not knowing what’s going to happen and wanting her out of range so I don’t to worry. I am NOT anyone’s prey and I will not be stalked by some animal on the street. This continues until it gets really odd, and HE finally gets so uncomfortable and creeped out by MY behavior and stalking demeanor that he takes off running in the opposite direction. I rejoined my girlfriend and kept a very wary eye open until we got to the bar, but I am still so happy and empowered that when I refused to act like a victim and backed of a creepy predatory bastard like the coward they all are.

Submitted by K on 6/19/2010

Location: 14th & U St NW

Time of Harassment: Late Night (12A-5a)

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  1. Golden Silence

    K, that’s awesome! Serves him right.