College Creeps

I was walking home from a friend’s apartment in Charlottesville at a little after 2am on a Wednesday. I don’t usually walk alone at night, but it was a short walk and I really wanted to get home.
As I passed Brandon Ave, a group of (CLEARLY intoxicated) college-age guys in a small SUV that was stopped at the Brandon light started yelling things at me, whistling and honking. Not only was I tired and irritable, but I was on the phone and I didn’t take kindly to the interruption of my conversation. I turned and fired off a quick “FUCK OFF!” over the shoulder and resumed my conversation, unshaken. They then ran the light, making a left onto the street where I was walking. They pulled up next to me (on the wrong side of the road!!!) and threw garbage at me from their car, all while yelling things like “FUCKING BITCH!”
When they were finished, they gunned the engine and sped off. The whole encounter left me frightened and furious. I was too shaken to get the license plate number, which is a shame because not only did they harass me, but the driver was clearly very drunk.

Submitted by M on 6/18/2010

Location: JPA & Brandon Ave, Charlottesville, VA

Time of Harassment: Late Night (12:A-5A)

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