Bewildered III

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This is a continuation from another continuation – Bewildered

I saw the same harasser again yesterday in the same spot outside of the Dupont Metro at 19th and Connecticut. Two girls were handing him money when I came up to them and told them he was not legitimate, he doesn’t work for the Boys & Girls Club. They seemed indifferent about it and laughed it off. He stepped away from us with the money and went closer to the escalator.

I went around the corner and called the police. They asked me to describe what he looked like and what he was wearing. I tried my best to give them all the details and when I looked around the corner again for more to describe I didn’t see him anymore.

“Well, if you don’t see him we can’t come. We can’t send anybody if he’s not there.” said the dispatcher.

“So I can’t even file a report or anything like that?” I asked.

“No, you can call us back if you see him again, though.” he said.

I was pissed. I couldn’t see the guy anymore, I figured he had left. So I took the escalator down into the Dupont Metro and as I was going down, I saw him at the bottom. I am not sure if he saw me or not. My guess is that he went down there to hide from me because maybe he assumed I was calling the police.

I watched him go up the escalator on the other side. I got off from my side and ran over to go up and follow him. I was 4-5 people behind him and I called the police while I was going up. Again, they asked me to describe him and I did my best. I went over to the side of the metro entrance to where I didn’t think he could see me very well.

I saw him walk over about 50 feet away from me and hand a guy he was with money. They both stood facing my direction as I was talking to the dispatcher on my cell phone.

“He’s African American, with dreadlocks a little past his shoulders. He’s wearing a black and red cap backwards. He has a zip-up hoodie with a big cartoon character face on the front.”

When I glanced over at him to keep him in sight I could see that he was still looking in my direction with his friend. I can’t say for sure, but I think he recognized me.

“We’re headed there now,” said the dispatcher.

“Do I need to stay and wait for them to come?” I asked.

“No, they have a description, you can go.” he said.

When I walked toward the metro escalator I didn’t see him anymore, anywhere.

Submitted by  Jenna on 6/18/2010

Location: Dupont Metro at 19th and Connecticut

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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4 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    Ooh…so close, yet so far! I am looking forward to him getting caught. Jenna, thanks so much for trying to get him caught. If anyone sees him again (and his stupid butt stays in the same area, so I’m sure he’ll be seen again), just keep trying until he’s finally caught.

  2. Grace

    Thank you for taking the initiative, Jenna! You’re wonderful!

  3. Jenna

    Thanks for the support guys!! One of these days…

  4. Callie

    Great job! I totally identified with your first post about this, when you said you sort of froze up from confusion. It’s great that you got to do something about it eventually. So often there’s just nothing to do, it’s so frustrating.