A Group Of Gropers

I was standing outside the Vapiano restaurant in Chinatown, on my cell phone.
A group of men walked by and one of the men slapped and then grabbed my butt yelling, “hey baby!” and “damn baby!”

Submitted by Anonymous on 6/17/2010

Location: 623 H Street Northwest

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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One Response

  1. anonymous

    What in the world??? These guys are getting too bold. I won’t lie…I’ve been touched by a stranger like that before. But I got tired of it and bought pepper spray. 18% WILDFIRE PEPPERSPRAY. If it happens again, I would swiftly pepper spray and call the police. If I am allowed to press charges, I will! Maybe word will get around that women aren’t laying down for this and more guys will think twice. If it’s unwanted it’s assault and no woman deserves or should have to tolerate such aggresive and disrespectful behavior. NO WOMAN! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!