Not Even A Stroller, Can Stop Street Harassment

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I’m a Nanny. Most of the time I’m outside during the day I am pushing a baby carriage. Despite this, the harassment doesn’t seem to stop. The baby and I are of the same race, and people generally assume that he is my son.

The fact that I am still harassed while pushing a stroller both infuriates and frightens me.
I’ve been harassed on 2 separate occasions on the same stretch of street, both times while walking to baby home.

The first time, a passing gentleman asked me if I was “trying to fuck.” Disgusted and shocked, I just kept walking.

Today, a white SUV pulled into my path (the entrance for the Silver Spring garage is on Roeder). The man in the passenger seat starting asking me what was up, told me I was looking fine. I kept walking, turned, gave him a disgusted look and flipped him the bird. He then said to me, “are you trying to suck my dick? I can hook you up, I can hook that shit up.”

I just kept walking.
I was afraid if I stopped to take out my phone and take a picture, he would get out of the car, and I didn’t want to put the baby in any kind of danger.

This incident really killed my whole day… about 5 minutes before the incident, I’d been checking out my reflection as I went to the gym this morning and felt great about my body. Afterwards, I just felt gross, objectified, and like a piece of meat. I’m still fuming about it.

Sumitted by  Deborah on 6/15/10

Location: Roeder Ave, downtown Silver Spring

Time of Harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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6 Responses

  1. Erin

    I get harrassed while out with my baby. It is horrifying. Right now he’s young enough to not know what is going on, but what about when he’s older and knows what is happening? How scary is that to see happening to a caregiver, and what model does that set for young men? Ugh.

  2. anonymous

    Yuck. For the guy that was in the car, wonder if taking a picture of his license plate might do the trick. Could also help identify him.

  3. Golden Silence

    Afterwards, I just felt gross, objectified, and like a piece of meat. I’m still fuming about it.

    Deborah, he’s the one who IS gross, not you. These sorry men know they’ve got nothing going on (upstairs, in their lives, or period) and feel the need to objectify women to make themselves feel good about themselves. The fact that he’d not only do this to you, but in front of a small child, adds to how nasty he is.

  4. Kara

    That makes me so angry and I can totally identify with you. I have a 2 year and am often out with him in a stroller or holding my hand. People will honk horns (annoying) and even yell stuff at me (infuriating) when I’m WITH MY CHILD! On what planet is that ok?

  5. anonymous

    I can not believe what I just read, what that half of a man said to you. Deplorable! Disrespectful commnts such as the one he made is the reason why I don’ t like strange guys that I don’t know speaking to me AT ALL! The sad thing is that the half of a man definently has a mother and maybe a sister and would probablt be up in arms if a guy made such comments to them!

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