“No Thank You”

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I got on the 4B at Rosslyn metro and there was this young man sitting in the front selling body spray. The man he was talking to didn’t want to buy anything from him, so he changed seats. In the middle of the ride, he tapped me on the shoulders and ask me a question. I pointed to my ears and mouth “I can’t hear you”. He came up to me and spoke loudly which I had to turn and show him my hearing aid.
He then proceeded to do some form of sign language and body movement by asking me if I want body spray. I told him “no thank you”. He then ask me for money. He asked me for I think it was 10 dollars. I told him again “no thank you”.

That should be the end of it right? WRONG

As I was almost to my destination, he sat by me and brought his
notebook. He had written “do you want to make a $2.00 donation to my 6-8 weeks training program?”. I told him I did not have any cash and got off at my stop.

Submitted by Sophia on 6/15/2010

Location: 4B Seven Corner Bus, Rosslyn, VA

Time of Harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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  1. Golden Silence

    Ugh…these street (or in this case bus) hustlers are annoying. And does “no” mean “yes” in his world?! Yuck!