Not All Waves Are Friendly

A few days ago, I was riding a Friendship Heights-bound bus up Wisconsin, when I noticed these two guys that I frequently see standing in front of one of the shops on that street. Normally they just stand there and talk to their buddies (and I assume try to get people to come into their shop), but this day I noticed one of them stick their hand directly in a young woman’s face and wave it obnoxiously. The fact that she ducked down and kept her head down and kept walking showed me that she didn’t know these men and didn’t want to know them.

If the bus hadn’t kept moving up the street I would’ve opened up my window to tell them to leave her alone, but it was too far up the street immediately after that incident for them to hear me.

(I can’t remember what the intersecting street was, but I believe this was before reaching P Street.)

Submitted by Anonymous on 6/10/2010

Location: Wisconsin Avenue

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One Response

  1. Dakota B

    When I first moved to D.C. I thought I was going crazy I was getting harrassed so much. I just find it strange to be sexually harassed right out in the open like that.

    The honest truth is I actually re-think my outfits before I go and meet friends. I plot my walking path, I’m always looking two blocks ahead, ducking into stores I didn’t plan on going in.

    I even ducked behind a car once, to avoid what I thought/knew was coming. I do my dress down whenever possible, jeans, covered sweatshirt or jacket, baseball cap pulled down tight and make no eye contact.

    I’ve so many imaginary boyfriends and husbands it’s ridiculous.

    Should we print t-shirts that read LEAVE ME ALONE, in English, French and Spanish.