SUV Street Prowler

Though the weather today wasn’t great, I still wanted to be out and about. After a meeting with someone, I walked around Old Town, window shopping and taking random cell phone photos of the beautiful antiques, clothing, flowers and anything that piqued my interest as I walked by. One of those things I DID NOT want to take a photo of was a harasser!

I had to head to an ATM for a quick second, so I turned onto N. Washington Street and headed north. As I walked towards Pendleton Street, I hear “Psst…psst!” I ignore it and it gets louder. I turn to see a man in a black SUV is doing it.

“Don’t say ‘Psst…psst!’ at me,” I say. “That is so rude!”

This guy says “Hawh?” Apparently he doesn’t get it or is simply playing dumb. He continues trying to get my attention! He doesn’t get that I don’t want it and never asked for it!

“I do not know you,” I said. “You are a stranger to me. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!”

This guy, who I could’ve sworn was originally heading straight up Washington, ended up turning left on Pendleton instead, giving me one more once over as he did. I had my cell phone camera ready as soon as he wouldn’t let up on the “Psst..psst!” mess, so when he turned onto Pendleton I managed to get a shot of him.

I waited for a moment to make sure he would continue on down Pendleton, scared he’d think about making a U-turn and try to stalk me. I was prepared to find somewhere to hide and call the police if he did!

Luckily he was gone for good, but unluckily for me the experience left me shaken for a moment and I was jumpy at any SUV that drove by me. I couldn’t catch his license plate (I would’ve if I did), but glad I got his photo so people can be on the lookout for him.

I hate that this loser got to me.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6/6/2010

Location:N. Washington Street & Pendleton Street, Alexandria, VA

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One Response

  1. Golden Silence

    Ugh…why do men think it’s normal to hassle women from vehicles? An SUV is much bigger and imposing to someone who is walking down the street.