“Watch Out For that Brick”

I just found out about this site, so this story is from a while ago. It was about 9:30 or 10pm on a weeknight last July. I was walking north up 14th to get to the 7-11 at 14th & Columbia. As I went up the sidewalk, I passed a group of about 5-6 young men (mid-20s I think) at that point where there’s a little sidewalk that turns off the main one to go between two buildings. One of them “hey baby”‘d. I told them off for it, that it was disrespectful. I don’t remember what all they said, but “I’mma have to hit you in the head with a brick accidentally” was in there. I hurried up to the 7-11 since there’s usually a police officer there in the evenings. I guess it was too early since the officer wasn’t there yet. I got what I needed and headed home. On the way back they told me to “watch out for that brick.”

I called the police when I got home. They said the guys’d probably be gone by now (but they’d have a look), so they put it in their notebooks that that area was one to watch.

Submitted by Mackenzie on 6/3/2010

Location: 14th NW between Harvard and Girard

Time of Harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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2 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    There’s going to come a day when these men and boys aren’t so bold in their threats against us. When harassment is made illegal people like that will start to keep their mouths shut and their hands to themselves.

    That day will come.

  2. cathy

    harassment hill strikes again. sorry you were so violently threatened.