The Moment Of Realization

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I was coming back from running a morning race in Capitol Hill on a Saturday a few weekends ago, and as I was riding up the Dupont north metro escalator, a middle-aged man brushed by me on the left (I was leaning against the railing on the right) and grabbed my ass as he walked by. He then said “excuse me” as he walked by as if it was an accident. As if the cup and squeeze was not on purpose. I was in shock and unsure what to do so I just glared at him and before I knew what happened he was gone. I wish so much after reading this story that I’d followed him, taken his picture, and called the police. Nothing like this had every happened to me before, and I was very confused and upset. It took a few minutes before I realized I was just publicly sexually assaulted.

Submitted by Anonymous on  6/3/2010

Location: Dupont Metro Escalator  (1525 20th St. NW)

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