Bewildered II

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This is a continuation from a previous entry –

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I was walking to the Dupont Metro after work again when I encountered the same guy that harassed me back in April. He was walking with another girl, holding the same binder he had showed me about the Boys & Girls Club. Once again he was posing as a street recruiter and targeting young women.

I walked past them and stopped. I turned around and decided to confront him because I didn’t want this girl to go through the same experience that I did.

I walked up to him and asked to see his binder.

He said, “Sure, babe, er-uh, ma’am.”

I looked at it and then at the girl and said “as far as I know the Boys & Girls Club does not have street people recruiting volunteers, so this is a scam.”

I looked at him and handed back the binder.

“What the fuck are you talking about!? This ain’t a scam!” he yelled at me.

“You would represent the Boys & Girls Club using that language?” I shook my head, took one last look at the girl who seemed extremely confused and walked away to the metro.

I could hear him yelling things at me as I walked away, but my mind had shut down at that point and I couldn’t understand or process anything he was shouting. I just proceeded to the metro both satisfied and enraged at the same time.

I called the Boys & Girls Club closest to the Dupont Circle location and they said they had received similar complaints but there was nothing they could do about it. There should be something they can do about it, this man is using their name and harassing women.

I emailed the Metropolitan Police Department to make a report and have not yet heard anything back.

Submitted by Jenna 6/2/2010

Location: Dupont Circle

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3 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    Jenna, you are awesome for standing up to him!

    I’ve noticed an increase in contributors standing up to their harassers, and I feel that the support from sites such as this one is contributing to that. YES!

    But this story and your previous one aren’t the only times this guy’s done this…he did this back in September with someone else as well.

    He seems to keep in the Farragut Square/Dupont Circle area for some reason, so hopefully that’ll help the police in tracking him down.

    Please keep us posted when the police get back to you.

  2. Grace

    Love that you called him out! I hope the police will take you seriously. That sort of activity has to end already.

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