Septentrion Services Doesn’t Tolerate Street Harassment

My wife and I were walking on our block, holding hands, on Sunday morning and a garbage truck driver whistled at us as they drove by. I ran to catch up with the driver at the red light and asked for his truck number since I couldn’t see any kind of identifying number on the outside. He told me, though I assumed it may be a made up number, unless he was so delusional to think that I’d call in for a date.

I called the company, Septentrion Services, and had a fantastic response! The manager listened very carefully, asked me to repeat a few times, writing it down. He apologized profusely over and over, told me the truck number did match a truck in our area, and assured me that the driver would be docked the day’s pay.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the response! A little accountability will really raise your spirits!

Submitted by Cathy on 6/1/2010

Location: Borderstan/East Dupont

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3 Responses

  1. anon

    Wow that’s really good to know, and thank you for sharing! I go to school at CUA where there’s a big dump site at the end of John McCormack. The harassment of students by garbage truck drivers is really bad. I’ll be sure to make a report if I see/hear it happening in the future.

  2. Golden Silence

    YES! I love it when companies take harassment complaints seriously.

  3. BL

    Sadly, docking the driver’s pay for this incident is illegal.