Harassed by a Young Woman

This might seem a bit odd, but here’s my story. I am a gay male, who boarded the Green Line from Shaw in route to Columbia Heights with my boyfriend. As soon as I sat down, a young woman (with suggestive cup in hand) pointed at my and acclaimed to her friends, “Oh my Gawd, he’s so fine. Look at him! Sooo fine!”. The friends pointed to my boyfriend and said, “him?” and the girl boasted, “not him, HIM!” pointing back at me. For the 2 stops to follow, the young lady stated that “He’s chunky!! Just the way I like them!”, “And he’s got grey eyes!! I love that!” (for the record, my eyes are blue), and also told my boyfriend, “Is that your boo? You better hold on to him! If you lose him, I’ll find him and f*ck him”. As we stood to exit the train at Columbia Heights, she cooed “Oh, and look at that, he’s tall too!!! MMMMM!”. My boyfriend and I thanked her for the interesting ride, and exited, in quick pursuit of alcohol to chase away the awkward.

And that, my friends, was a Holla Back  DC! moment, courtesy of the Green Line. As my “boo” and I like to say: “Ohh, thank you Green Line…..”

Submitted by CH on 5/30/2010

Location: Columbia Heights

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  1. Anon

    Her behavior is disgusting. I’m sorry that happened to you