“sexy, sexy mama”

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My friend and I were walking to the Dupont Metro Station last weekend. It was around 6 PM, while the sun was still out.

Before we approached the station, we came across two men (on bicycles). They had just turned on to the same street and headed in our direction. After a few seconds of sharing a sidewalk with them, I heard comments, “sexy, sexy mama”. Immediately, I became irritated. I couldn’t believe this was happening to us!

I turned around and saw two men (around their early 20s) and said, “Shut the fuck up”.

One man replied, “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, I’m talking to you! If you don’t leave us alone, I will take out my pepper spray and use it on you – you fucking moron!”

We were left alone after I confronted them.

During this 5 minute altercation, no one around us had said anything. People continued on with their activities, as if this was normal! It was rude and another reason why, women in DC should carry something with them. For me – I never walk out of my house w/o pepper spray. We are not fucking meat here!

Submitted by I hate DC Pigs on 5/26/2010

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  1. Emmy

    Where can you buy pepper spray in DC or close-in Md. or Va.? I used to carry pepper spray in college, and the more I think about it, the more I realize I should get some for myself now. Thanks for any tips you might have.

    • Golden Silence

      True Value sells it.