“Looking good on that bike.”

I was sitting on my bike at the intersection of M & 23, waiting for the light to change. A tall man dressed in a blue suit holding an expandable file-folder walked up to the curb on my right, stopping about two feet from me – “Looking good on that bike, that’s right, you sit back and get tan on that seat,” is what the upstanding middle-age man said to me. When I didn’t respond, he stooped closer to me and said, “Goddamn chinc” (I’m an adopted American-Korean) and then strolled across the street, staring at me the entire time. I didn’t say anything – I didn’t know what to say.

Submitted by CMB on 5/26/2010

Location: M & 23

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One Response

  1. JY

    As an Asian American woman, I relate to this kind of response from men whose sexual harassment was ignored or rejected. It can come from anyone and at any time, and it just goes to show that there is a false (and toxic!) conflation between class (i.e., as reflected by how a person is dressed) and being “upstanding”.

    I’m glad you got away from that situation without a physical confrontation, but I’m sorry you had to experience such a despicable verbal assault (no matter how brief).