“Thick and juicy like a cheeseburger.”

Photo by stu_spivack on flickr
Photo by stu_spivack on flickr

I was walking to Target this afternoon and a homeless man walked up to me, blocking my path. He told me he wanted to eat me up. He said, “Girl, you thick and juicy like a cheeseburger.”

Then he did some kind of bizarre dance, presumably to charm me into allowing him to eat me up. I managed to cross the street without having to confront the crazy, but not before this guy called out, “I’ma eat you up! I’ma take a bite outta that juicy ass!”

Submitted by Moxie Britches on 5/25/2010

Location: 14th Street & Park Road, Columbia Heights

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One Response

  1. Golden Silence

    I wish someone could videotape these clowns and make them watch how stupid they look when they do and say these awful things. Dancing like a buffoon and talking about wanting to take a “bite out of your ass”?! Ugh! Gross.