“Not today.”

Photo by the TruthAbout... via flickr

My husband and I were walking to the ATM and this man was seated outside the Goethe Institute begging. We were crossing the street and he asked us for a handout. My husband replied “Not today” and we continued waiting to cross the street.

He then shouted at us that we would have given “him money if he was a n*****” (the man was white). Not one to tolerate such language, I turned around and told him he’d better watch his language and that I would certainly never go out of my way to help anyone who was so blatantly racist. He then called me a c*** and told my husband to “Put his b**** on a leash”. The light had changed by this point so we crossed the street to the bank. It was only once we were over there that I noticed he had a t-shirt on that read “Ladies show me your t***”. A true charmer. If you see him, definitely don’t give him money!

Submitted by anonymous on 5/23/2010

Location: 7th and I

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