I am not asking for anyone’s damn judgment.

This incident occurred back in January, but it just popped in my head, how much ignorant males enjoy terrorizing women. Im 25 now, and I swear things are getting worse and worse. I remember getting the “fuck you bitch” randomly when I was a teenager, but now things are escalating, especially when a woman is completely by herself. They will team up and gang up on you. This is supposed to make them look tough? Lol!

Anyways, I was on my way to College Park station, and I had to transfer at L’enfant Plaza. As I was MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS and walking purposely, I saw three young teenagers looking at me from the corner of my eyes. I had my headphones on, but my music turned down low. As I passed them, one of the “sweet boys” leaned forward and says to me “You are HELLA ugly”. I did not break my stride and just continued to walk on. As I got on the metro, I thought to myself, what kind of society is this? What kind of society is this that a woman, an innocent woman can be walking and a complete stranger can just verbally attack her? For what? What is the purpose? It is abuse, plain and simple and it is completely unprovoked.

Now if I had pepper sprayed him and then punched him in his mouth, I would be wrong right????? No manners, no respect, no regard for others. I guess this is the kind that is done to make women apprehensive to leave the house. I have been out several times and have overhead guys saying how I’m ugly and I’m this and that. I have also been out and had guys tell me that I’m beautiful. Both are unwarranted because I am not asking for anyone’s damn judgment.

Submitted by anonymous on 5/22/2010

Location: L’EnfantPlaza

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4 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    Now if I had pepper sprayed him and then punched him in his mouth, I would be wrong right????? No manners, no respect, no regard for others.

    I hate this double standard. These guys can say what the hell ever they want, but when a woman retaliates the woman’s the one in trouble. Makes no sense!

  2. bleh

    That’s not a “double standard”. One action is just rude words, the other action is actual violence.

  3. anonymous

    Ummm. Just rude words? This is the problem… people constantly downplaying the verbal abuse that women are expected to put up with. It was an intrusion and a disrespect. And someone does NOT have to touch you to be violent towards you. SMH

  4. 1PAm

    I like how you pinpoint the bigger issue at hand here in your post– it’s an inherent assumption that a woman is there in order to be judged and this is acceptable.

    Women are not sexual or physical objects up for judgment, whether it is positive or negative, coming from men or women. We are NOT our bodies! We are real people with feelings and thoughts and we deserve to be treated as such.

    I think we all have friends who will accept harassment with a laugh, make catty remarks about other women’s appearances, or lose faith in their self-worth because of a perceived physical blemish. We likely do these things ourselves from time to time. These behaviors are self-defeating and continue the cycle of misogyny, making everyone believe it is okay for men to talk to us how they want to, because we really believe it ourselves.

    Let’s make an effort to be stronger than that, to show respect and love for ourselves and for all women, and stop judging each other. And further, make it known, respectfully, that we will NOT tolerate harassment.