Goethe Institut Harasser

This weekend, I experienced the most abusive verbal street harassment of my life. I was walking with my sister in Chinatown to get coffee, and a man who appeared to be homeless was sitting in front of the Goethe Institut and asked us for money. I very politely apologized and said that I didn’t have anything to give him (which was true–I very rarely carry cash). We continued walking, and the man glared at us and said, “You won’t give a white guy money, but you’ll spread your ass cheeks and bend over and let some coon stick it to you.” My sister and I were shocked. We turned around, mouths wide open, and I said, “Excuse me, that is not OK.” We continued walking, and the man shouted after us, “I hope you choke on a coon dick.”

After we had gotten our coffee, we started walking back. We were going to bypass the guy to avoid any trouble, but we saw someone about to leave him some leftovers. I quietly said to the guy, “Excuse me, I know you are trying to help, but I think you should know what this man just said to my sister and I.” The man looked as shocked as we had been, took his food, and said, “Man, you can’t talk to women like that.”

Submitted by AS on 5/24/2010

Location: 7th and I Sts NW, right in front of the Goethe Institut

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  1. Golden Silence

    Scary as it was, I’m glad that you had the guts to take his photo. Now the whole world will know what this guy’s up to!

    The fact that he’s a repeat offender shows that he’s a problem. And as usual, it seems as if MPD is useless. I can’t believe they were racially profiling like that!

    I hope there isn’t a third story posted about this guy! Something needs to be done to get him off the street. He obviously has mental issues and a deep-seated racial and gender hatred.

  2. Meredith

    It really bothers me that it seems like this post and the last post were written about the same guy.

    After at least 2 stories, and I’m sure way more that weren’t posted, the police should really look into this guy. If nothing else, to get him help if it’s because of a mental illness.

    Who knows when this type of verbal abuse may escalate to something worse?

  3. Aaron

    I work the block up from the Goethe Institut and I see this guy a fair amount with a woman sitting in that exact spot where he’s sitting in the picture.

    I’ve gotten the sense he’s kind of a disturbed, angry guy.

  4. SY

    I saw this guy Tuesday. My boss walked by and he asked for money. She apologized, said she didn’t have any, and kept walking. He told her to go choke on her lunch. I guess choking is a theme.

  5. Abby

    Hi, I wrote the first post this morning about this guy. I thought I’d follow up by saying that we talked to a cop down by Gallery Place about this guy. He said he’d gotten a lot of complaints about him but that he was crazy and so we should just ignore him. I replied that if he was crazy, WE should ignore he but the police shouldn’t! He reiterated that there was nothing he could do (I’m pretty sure that isn’t true) and told us to “get over it”. Thank you MPD, helpful as always.

  6. cindel

    “Get over it”?!?! So this guy has to damn near physically attack someone in order for the MPD to take it seriously?

    And people wonder why I’m pro vigilante.

  7. bleh

    It’s called freedom of speech. Violence is illegal, words are not violence.

    • Mackenzie

      Not all speech is Constitutionally protected. Verbal abuse (such as this) is not.

  8. jab00

    bleh // May 29, 2010 at 7:05 pm | Reply

    It’s called freedom of speech. Violence is illegal, words are not violence.

    Loitering and harassing are not legal. He should at least be forced to move on.

  9. dchereiam

    I’ve also been told to choke on my lunch by this man, outside of a flower shop in Foggy Bottom. I couldn’t believe how vicious he was; I’ve never had anyone else respond the way he does!

  10. KSOne23

    I think that is the same guy the verbally attacked me on my way to work. I work on 17th and K Street. I had just left the metro station, and was waiting for the light to change when he asked me for money. I told him that I did not have cash with me and he started ranting. He called me a black bitch and starting talking about how all black women were on welfare. I just ignored him, but he kept shouting until the light changed and I crossed the street. I think he his mentally ill.

  11. Golden Silence

    I think the man in this recent Stop Street Harassment story is the same guy: http://www.stopstreetharassment.org/2012/04/stupidwhore/

  12. Observer

    I guess only comments that speculate on whom homeless street harassers are, and don’t actually identify them are acceptable.

    • Golden Silence

      Man, go away, troll.

      • Observer

        What do you mean by that?

        • Observer

          FYI, I am still here, I am still not going away, I am still not a troll, and that isn’t ever changing.

          • Observer

            In the over two years since this was posted, the alleged harasser in this story has continued this alleged harassment on a daily basis, unaffected by anyone’s opinion.

            The alleged harasser in this article is well known to possibly hundreds of persons downtown, and his seemingly angry comments to women are apparently legal.

            Except for a few days in prison for drug use/possession, during the last two years, the police have done nothing about this person’s comments to women, (almost everyday). What is this alleged harassment actually about then? Thank you very much for the information.

  13. John B.

    This fellow is one of the thousands hurting on DC streets.

    Me thinks, however, his hateful speech is probably constitutionally protected.

    Has he actually threatened anyone?

    That, under the law, constitutes assault.

    Has he actually touched anyone?

    That would be battery.

    Has he actually threatened and touched anyone as a result of his threats?

    That would be assault and battery.

    Please continue to report him.

    Two young women were similarly harassed. They reported the guy and here is what happened to him: http://metroweekly.com/news/?ak=7218

    Perhaps this web site would be helpful: http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org