“At least I cost him a soda.”

This morning on my way to work, at Logan Circle, which is already a touch and
go circle where cars just cut across the bike lane without looking, some
guy on the curb makes grabby hands at me and makes a slurping
I. have. had. it.
I turned around and chased him up the street and I said “excuse me. Did you
have something to say to me?”
He smirks and says “I was just drinking my soda.”
I smacked it our of his hands and said “well quit it, because a lot
of people find that offensive.”
He was like “little girl, you better watch youself.”
I said “why? because you’re going to hit me? I could take your skinny ass
down like a bag of flour, you smarmy piece of . I EVER see you harass
anyone else and you lose an eyeball, I’m not kidding.”

Then he kept making like he was going to hit me, so I stood there arms out
and said, “cool, you totally get the first punch, let’s go.”

He says “turn around.”
Seriously. I was like “you’re too wussy to hit me when I can hit back? I
figured. You’re lucky I am late for work.”

And I got on my bike and left. At least I cost him a soda.

Submitted by AtMyStreetHarassmentBreakingPoint on 5/21/2010

Location: Thomas Circle

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13 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    YES! You let that loser have it! I can’t believe he told you to turn around…I’m guessing so he could either sucker punch you or run like the coward he was.

    That loser messed with the wrong woman! Glad you stood up for yourself.

  2. woah

    holy crap thats awesome of you!

  3. Obie

    My good woman, you are my new hero.

  4. cindel

    Wow! Glad you let him have it. these men need to know they can’t get away with stuff like that.

  5. NbyNW

    LOVE it!!!!

  6. cathy

    omg please be part of a catsuit-wearing group of vigilante girls who fight street harassment with sass and style. please?????? <3

    • Golden Silence

      Ooh, that sounds fun! We’d be like Emma Peel from The Avengers. LOL

  7. Jen

    You are amazing! I read another account of a woman on a NYC subway (on HollabackNYC) who dumped her bottle of water on a masturbator and called him a pig. I’m appreciating the beverage-spill approach to dealing with harassment!

  8. Original Poster

    Hey. I really appreciate all of these comments. To be honest, after it happened, I felt shaky and a little sick. Worse, I felt all trashy and uncivilized for losing it on this dude.

    cathy – don’t have the catsuit yet, but am definitely going the avenger route from now on. You can be on my sassy squad!

  9. bleh

    Hmmm … it seems that most of the violence (slapping someone’s drink out of their hand) and threats of violence (lose an eye) on this site comes from women.

    • Golden Silence

      Everything you posted is a judgment/criticism.

      This is a site of support and a safe place for those who have been harassed to speak out about what happened to them. If you don’t like it then please go somewhere else.

    • Mackenzie

      Drinks have feelings now?

    • Muk

      Check out the belt story from early June. Also, I might posit this thought – if threats of sexual violence can’t be responded to with threats of physical violence, then would one say that actual sexual violence can’t be responded to with actual violence?