DC Firefighters Who Harass

A few weeks ago, I was walking my dog past Dunbar High School across from the fire station. It was one of the particularly beautiful days we’ve had this spring, and a group of all male firefighters was sitting on lawn chairs outside. A couple of the firefighters hollered at me from across the busy street, but I couldn’t understand their exact words because of the traffic. When I (reluctantly) glanced over, it was clear from their leering and the lack of any other pedestrians in the vicinity that they were targeting me. I understand they wanted to enjoy the nice day out, and evidently they weren’t busy fighting any fires, but their behavior toward me was unprofessional. I wanted to enjoy my time outside, too. Instead I felt uncomfortable and the need to get away. Initially, I didn’t think this story was “significant” enough to share — I’ve certainly experienced worse street harassment — but when I saw the Facebook post asking about harassment by DC firefighters, I felt I should share.

Submitted by W on 5/17/2010

Location: New Jersey Avenue & N Street NW

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  1. Casey

    I grew up in an inner city. I was taught to head for the fire station if I was being followed or harassed. It’s unusual behavior for firefighters to act so unprofessionally.