“I’m going to come home with you.”

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I was leaving Soho in Dupont on Friday morning, a little bit after midnight, and a man–probably mid-late twenties, wearing khaki pants and a sweater approached me, grabbed my hand and asked where I was going. I attempted to shake off his grasp, backing away from him, and said that I was going home. He wouldn’t let go of my arm, and said, “Hey, I’m going to come home with you.” I kept pulling away, informed him that NO he was not coming home with me, and proceeded to walk briskly down P St. I kept looking back behind me, to see if he was following me. I watched as he continued to follow me for a block or two, and then proceeded to start running. I looked back again, and saw that he was then running in my direction. I turned a corner at the Circle near CVS, and stood near an on-duty police officer who was having it out with someone who was loitering on his block. The man who was harassing me turned the corner, and walked past me, pausing to look me up and down, nodding and briefly waving before walking away. I took off in the other direction.

Submitted by S on 4/30/2010

Location: Soho in Dupont

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4 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    S, reading about the stuff you continuously go through upsets me. You should report that guy to the police. He grabbed you, he stalked you—those actions are enough for arrest! You could’ve pointed this loser out to that cop you saw, though he was occupied with someone else.

    I hate the entitlement harassers have. What in his mind make him think it was okay to grab, demand from and stalk a woman he didn’t know?

    Stay strong, and keep your head up. You have my support and the support of others as well.

  2. CoHi Neighbor

    Whoa, that is truly SCARY! I’m sorry this occurred to you. Very good, quick thinking on your behalf. Be careful out there!

  3. S

    Thanks for the support, Golden Silence and CoHi Neighbor.

    Believe me, were I anywhere else than DC, I would have loved to report this guy to the officer I saw. However, being here and having had my fair share of run ins with our public “safety” folks (police, paramedics, dispatchers), the trust is simply NOT there. I mean, this officer was too busy yelling at some poor homeless man/beggar about “I don’t want to see you on my block on my watch anymore! Get lost!” to even realize a panicked, out-of-breath girl run up *right* beside him. I didn’t exactly feel protected or invited to share what had just happened. My previous experiences in the city have just left me so jaded about how helpful the officer would have been, and the last thing I wanted was to not be taken seriously, yelled at, or blamed for the incident.

    • Golden Silence

      I completely understand. There have been times when the police have dismissed me (especially if the harasser and I were the same race—they’d assume it was a domestic dispute and that I knew the guy). For some reason I don’t stop calling/reporting things to the police, regardless of how the outcome for me sucks.

      I highly feel that police need to be better trained on handling this. It’s no laughing matter and shouldn’t be dismissed.