“This infuriates me.”

This story still infuriates me, even though it happened weeks ago when we had that sunny spell. Walking down N street to the bus stop, a guy posted up on the corner starts out with this: MMMMM GURRLL I bet yo boyfriend licks that pussy up EVERY NIGHT! UNNGG I’d smash you into next week! Come here come ova here girl *I run across the street to the opposite sidewalk* Why you run?? I’m not scary I just got the sexual fever like you! Yeah I know you’re a freak, mmm I can tell you a freak from that FAT ASS, everyone look at that ass! (He’s been yelling everything he’s said so all four corners AND people at the intersection can hear him, are looking over at us)

I wheel around and scream that he has never been with and never will be with a woman with a disgusting mouth like that, does his mama know he says shit like that to random females in the street? Feral piece of shit! To which he just starts yelling that “I must be a slut anyway, nah she a slut, dog don’t even look at her, she trash” which he says to other dude also posted up at that corner. He’s walking away….I sit at the bus stop, fuming. People around me are distinctly silent and avoiding eye contact.

This jackass DOUBLES BACK and, from the other side of the street, starts yelling about how he wants to take a picture of me and put it on his wall and jack off to it every night, on my face, etc. I’m so angry I can’t even put words together, I just start screaming. Loudly. It seemed to work because he ran away.


And I also have an update ON THIS SAME BUS STOP. I was sitting there with my girlfriend two weeks ago, and some guys stopped at a light started taking pictures of us with a camera. When I walked up to the car and told them to stop, they started yelling at me, fucking bitch get away from our car, I needed to stop trippin, I ain’t that special, “we’re tourists taking pictures of the building behind you, dumb bitch”. OH MY BAD, you mean the squat brick low income housing building, obstructed by trees and the bus stop structure? And wow, profanity. Idiots. Should’ve grabbed the camera from their hands.

Submitted by Shilpa on 4/30/2010

Location: 11th & N St NW

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  1. Golden Silence

    Too bad you didn’t “hollaback” on them and take their photos to post here to shame their disgusting butts! But it’s all about your comfort level and how you feel about reacting to things.

    What puzzles me is that these trolls (let’s not call them “men,” that’s too nice a term for them) are so vulgar, violent and aggressive in their approach, yet have the audacity to call the woman they’re offending names when she calls them out on their crap. They’re living in a world of non-logic. To these damaged men this behavior is “normal.” (And I’m shaking my head at the lies these trolls spout—“tourists”?! They need to take a tour of a jail cell!)

    I’m sorry this happened to you.