Spring Construction = More Harassment

Spring in DC is not spring in DC without the rough sounds of construction. And I suppose, it’s also not spring without another cat call. It happens so often that I usually take little note, but this time there were just too many in a row, like a cat call line-up.

I was walking with two heavy bags, one in each arm, headphones in my ears, hardly looking stunning, sweaty and tired. Not that wearing nice clothes warrants that kind of response, but at least if I am wearing a skirt it comes as no surprise (sad as that may be). The first one was laud and gruff, the second less than a block later, and then a third, by another construction worker as i was rounding the bend to my destination: 3 “hey there beautiful *wolf whistle*” and, finally before I was about to enter the house, from behind 1 “*kiss kiss noise* don’t you look gorgeous” from a group of about five.

Really gentlemen? Thank you! I have forgotten how pretty I am and you’ve just been so kind to remind me that however frumpy I look, you think that I am beautiful. Can’t possibly thank you enough. Is it the hard hat and yellow vest that give you the right and prerogative to holler at anything with breasts? Or is it just spring time, and you want to show women your special brand of appreciation? It’s unsolicited, unwanted, and paints you lot in the worst possible light. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop and give them tell them off, it’s a bad idea to do so when feeling cranky, though I suppose I wish I had.

Submitted by gv on 4/30/2010

Location: 18th & S St NW

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3 Responses

  1. cathy

    you can always make a complaint with the contracting company or the management of the property. honestly, when you’re on the job, guys? really?

    • Golden Silence

      honestly, when you’re on the job, guys? really?

      It’s because they don’t care, and nine times out of ten there’s no supervisor watching them so they get away with it.

      There needs to be a posted hotline to call when men harass on the clock, similar to the “How’s My Driving” hotline. It would make reporting these men so much easier.

  2. Golden Silence

    The names of the construction companies are usually posted on a sign near their respective construction sites. I suggest you take down their names and report it.