“Hey beautiful. Hey beautiful.”

A few evenings ago around 8 or 9pm, I was getting off the bus at Georgia and Irving, and was walking east on Irving back to my house. I was just a few houses away, and a man came up behind me, and kept saying, “hey beautiful. hey beautiful. You have an extra cigarette for me, beautiful?” There was no one else on the street, but I was on the phone at the time, and loudly stated that someone was harassing me, and gave my exact address at that moment. I kept walking for a few more feet, and then turned around, and saw that the man who was behind me had turned away from Irving and was walking down Georgia.

Submitted by S on 4/30/2010

Location: Georgia and Irving

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3 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    These men need to learn how to leave us women alone. Why do they think we care that they think we’re “beautiful”? Nine times out of ten these men will quickly go from calling you “beautiful” to all sorts of ugly insults and names. That’s why we don’t care about their opinions.

  2. Manor

    You must have heard about the woman shot in DC because she didn’t respond positively to harassment:


    • Golden Silence

      That is horrible! I’m glad she survived.

      Incidents like this don’t mean that women should stop speaking up to these damaged men. We should not be silenced by these lunatics.