“Let me ask you one more question…”

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I was leaving a work function to get on my scooter when a middle aged man came up to me and said hello and asked me about my scooter. I’m used to getting a lot of comments and questions about the scooter, so I didn’t immediately tell him to back off. I started the process of unchaining my wheel, getting my helmet out, and securing my bag. While I was doing that the guy said, “I’m __(Chad or Chas or something), what’s your name?” and took my hand to shake it. I told him my first name and shook his hand, while trying to get the rest of my stuff together as quickly as possible.

When I finally jumped on my scooter, he took the opportunity to sidle up a little closer to me and asked if I wanted to go out sometime. I said no, I’m married and started to put my helmet on. He asked how long I’d been married and why I got married. I gave short answers, because I didn’t want to turn it into a confrontation before I could safely get away on my scooter.

A s I finally started my engine, I said, “I have to go.” He said, “Wait let me ask you one more question,” and grabbed my handlebar, “if a person is married–” I said, “No really, I am leaving. Now.” “Wait, wait, I just have one question. If a person is married–” At that point, I opened the throttle and swerved around him to get away. I have no idea what that question was going to be, but I was happy to be out of there before I found out.

Submitted by G.C. on 4/25/2010

Location: near Metro Center

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  1. Golden Silence

    He asked WHY you were married?! What a loser.

    I have no idea what that question was going to be, but I was happy to be out of there before I found out.

    Harassers are so predictable in what comes out of their mouths that I have a strong feeling what he was trying to get at…sigh. Shaking my head.