“Flashback to the 50’s.”

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two coworkers and i were on the metro heading to a hearing on the hill (to listen in) on international vawa (violence against women act). it was tax day (yay, paying taxes is patriotic!) and a bunch of “tea party” (i like their original name better) folks hopped on with their signs and buttons. one of my coworkers was standing next to the seats that the other two of us were sitting in.

one of the tea party folks was an older man, in his 60s. when the train started moving he turned to my coworker who was standing and said to her, “if i were younger, i’d use the train’s stop and go to bump into a beautiful girl like you!” and started laughing.

i turned to him and told him that his “joke” was not funny. he said, oh sure it is. and i replied, “no, no it isn’t. that’s harassment and that’s unacceptable.” he tried to play it off as a joke, but when i stood my ground, he eventually apologized and said he was sorry.

the tea party crew then decided to sit down near a group of young teenage girls to try to convince them that obama and the democrats were restricting their freedom.

i thought the interaction was mostly over, until my colleagues and i got off of the metro. as i was leaving, two of the women in the group said to me, “goodbye bulldagger.”

flashback to the 50’s, eh?

submitted by a.l. on 4/19/2010

Location: Metro Center (on the train)

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9 Responses

  1. Golden Silence

    They’re a bunch of old farts with very outdated views on women and women’s rights. Glad you educated them on how wrong they were, even if it fell upon deaf ears.

  2. Josef

    It never ceases to amaze me that sometimes other women can be the ones most vicious to women.

    • Golden Silence

      Been on the opposing side of misogyny from other women. It hurts! I’ve tried to tell those women who joined in on the name calling or laughing that they wouldn’t like it if a group of men made sexual comments to them, but they don’t care. Their mentality is “it’s not happening to me!”. They can’t see the bigger picture.

  3. Anon

    I never thought I would side with the tea party – but I think you need to lighten up. Obviously the guys was just kidding around – maybe somewhat flirting – witha girl half his age. Take it as a comlpiment – his original comments were neither mean spirited nor offensive.

    • Anonymous

      You really think the threat of forcible groping is kidding around? Guys like that do it because they know that they have the crowded train to cover their actions and most people won’t call them on it, even though it makes the groped feel uncomfortable and unsafe?

    • Golden Silence

      A woman gets treated like an object and your ludicrous response is to “lighten up”?! That’s the reason why this stuff continues to happen, because of attitudes like yours.

  4. Mrs. D

    What the hell is a “bulldagger” and why are you one if you think it’s inappropriate for men to inconvenience a whole train of people by using the emergency stop to physically assault a woman to get her to notice him? What ever happened to “hi, how are you?” I’ll admit that I let older guys get away with calling me “hon” or other innocuous terms, as there might be some “difference of generations” that makes sense there, but my MOM is in her 60’s and I’m pretty sure she would find this inappropriate.

  5. ninyabruja

    Bulldagger is a slur for butch.

    • Genevieve

      I thought it was a slur for lesbian? But of course it’s unacceptable either way.