The Whistler

I don’t know if anyone would truly consider this street harassment, but it was just something that stuck in my mind and I had to share because I felt offended. I had just gotten out of the Renwick and was heading down the street when I heard someone whistling like they were trying to get their dog’s attention(which was a feasible thought because it was a gorgeous day and a lot of people were out walking their dogs). I ignored it until I heard it again then I turned around. It turns out that it was some man who was sitting on the bleachers outside the gallery. He was apparently whistling at me like I was a dog to get my attention. When I made eye contact(by mistake) he grinned like an idiot. I was pissed, but didn’t say anything and kept on walking. I wished I had said something like “I’m not a dog, but I can be a bitch if you do that again”

Submitted by mm on 4/10/2010

Location: 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W

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  1. Anonymous
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    I consider it harassment. And it certainly sounds like it felt like harassment to you. Which is what matters.

  2. cathy
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    definitely rude. also stupid.

    anything that objectifies or demeans you matters. treating you, quite literally, the way he’d treat a dog is demeaning.

    you’re utterly within your rights to be mad as hell.

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