I was walking to the metro at the end of the day around 6:00. I had my headphones on as usual and was pretty focused on walking when a guy came up beside me and motioned for me to take my headphones off.

I stopped, thinking he might need something. He was holding a form in his hand and I thought, oh no, it’s one of those non-profit street people trying to get me to sign up or donate something. I work for two non-profits so I know how hard it is to get people to listen so I decided to slow down and let him talk.

He backed up, looking me up and down, and said “damn you’re beautiful.”

I was shocked, not sure what to say other than, “thank you?”

He asked if I like to help give young boys and girls a chance. I said, yes, of course. When I glanced at the paper he was holding I saw “Boys and Girls Club” typed at the top. This is the only way I knew who he was with, he never told me.

He asked if he could get a hug. Still very confused I said yes. He hugged me very tightly and rubbed my back saying “oh man! you’re beautiful!” He withdrew and asked for a kiss. He kissed me on my cheek without my consent and then asked to kiss my other cheek. At this point I got my wits about me and told him if he was going to patronize me he could take the sheet back.

I walked away very bewildered, still hearing him call out behind me, “aw man, come on, but you’re so beautiful!”

Submitted by Jenna on 4/6/2010

Location: Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Metro

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  1. cathy

    wow, that’s just gross. i’m so sorry.

    head’s up to everyone, as this happens around where i work, too – the boys and girls clubs do not do street solicitations or petitions or anything, nor does whitman-walker clinic. if you see people who claim to work on behalf of or represent either group, they aren’t legit so feel free to give them the coldest of shoulders.

  2. Golden Silence

    There was a story on here months back about a guy claiming to work for the Boys & Girls Club and wanting to run his fingers through the woman’s hair (and I think he actually did!). I checked the locations of both your story and the older one, and they’re very close to each other. I would not be surprised if these two were one in the same!

    If you have his description you should report him to the police so he can be taken off the streets. I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s just bizarre beyond words!

  3. Golden Silence

    And I’d like to repeat my sentiments from the first story—I think the Club should be contacted to know that someone is misrepresenting their organization.

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  5. Jenna

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the support.

    I contacted the Boys & Girls Club and never heard anything back. I think it would definitely be a good idea for me to report it, too.

  6. Anonymous

    A nearly identical incident happened to me around the middle of April at the Farragut North stop in the middle of the day. After I pulled back from him trying to hug me he kept trying to get me to give him money when I walked away

  7. Golden Silence

    Is there a description of this guy? If I’m ever in the Golden Triangle area again I’d love to try to catch this guy and get him off the streets. Three stories about him is more than enough proof that he’s got problems!

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