“Can I help you?”

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Last week I was at Eastern Market Metro with a friend. She was adding money to her Smart Trip card and I was standing next to her. An older man comes right up behind us, stands really close, and starts saying, “hey pretty ladies, you all look very nice.” My friend turns around and says, “Can I help you?” When he didn’t say anything back, she said, “Can you just leave us alone so I can add money to my card?” He says, “OK” walks off and leaves us alone.

Submitted by anonymous on 3/5/2010

Location: Eastern Market Metro

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  2. Ashley

    Something similar happened to my friend once. I was standing next to as she was adding money to her metrocard, talking, and this random guy comes and stands really close to her. He leans against the machine right next to her, crosses his arms and stares at her, smiling, not saying anything. I was so stunned that I stopped talking to him and just stared. What a moron.