The Creepy Driver

Photo by richardmasoner via flickr
Photo by richardmasoner via flickr

I was walking on King Street toward the metro station when this guy honked at me. I didn’t recognize him, so I kept walking. He then pulled over and motioned for me to get into his car. I didn’t want him to follow me, so I ducked into the next store and waited a few minutes. I was looking out the window to see if he drove away, but instead I saw him walk past the store and stare into the window. I want to believe he mistook me for someone else and he had a legitimate reason for parking and looking for me, but I doubt it. Super creepy!!

Submitted by anonymous on 2/28/2010

Location: King St and Harvard St, Old Town Alexandria

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One Response

  1. Golden Silence

    That is scary! I’m sorry that happened to you. What is going on in these men’s heads?