Public Transit Awareness Month

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Today is the start of Public Transit Awareness Month here at HBDC!, which seems even more fitting with 10 cent metro fare price increase that took effect yesterday.

Throughout the month we will focus on public sexual harassment on our public transportation in the DC metro area.  Some of the topics will include:

  • The prevalence of public sexual harassment and assault on our trains and buses
  • How to report incidents of harassment and assault while traveling
  • Anti- public sexual harassment campaigns and how other cities have addressed the problem
  • Taxi drivers who harass
  • A look at gender-segregated trains, buses, and taxis across the world

If you you’d like contribute in some way or have anything specific you’d like us talk about leave a comment or email us at If you’ve ever experienced or witnessed public sexual harassment or assault on DC metro public transportation, we want to hear from you! Submit your experience using our anonymous online form.

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