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Photo by Jersey JJ via flickr
Photo by Jersey JJ via flickr

I was inspired by a recent story to share mine. It happened about a year ago, and I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I now realize it was harassment.

I used to commute home from the U Street station. I would arrive on the platform a little after 5pm every evening. I would take my spot along the platform, the same spot each day.

One evening as I was standing, waiting for the train, a group of young guys in their late teens came down the escalator towards the platform. I thought nothing of it, since a lot of teenagers hang out and around this station.

A train was just coming into the station as these guys made it to the bottom of the escalator. I began to inch closer to the edge of the platform. At the EXACT moment that the front of the train was next to me, one of the young guys runs right up next to my face and screams as loud as he can “BOOOOO”.

My heart rate didn’t slow down the entire way home. It still makes me angry, even a year later.

Submitted by anonymous on 1/27/2010

Location: U Street Metro

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  2. Ashley

    That is SO obnoxious and I’m sorry that happened to you! I’ve read a couple of stories on hear about women being screamed at in public places. I’m already an anxious person and I can’t imagine how I’d act if that happened to me. It OUTRAGES me that people think they can just do things like this and that it’s okay.