Indecent Exposure

While out walking between 10:30 am and 11:30 am on Monday, January 18th a man exposed himself to me twice. The first incident occurred while I was walking into the park as I proceeded under the 16th Street bridge a man was sitting on a bicycle and as he watched me go by he was clearly massaging his penis through his pants. I tried to ignore him but felt really pissed off as I continued my jog into the park. When I reached my turn around point, I began to head back to where the incident occurred. I decided that if I saw him again I would say something.

As I approached the same spot I could see him from a distance. He was no longer on a bicycle and as he emerged from the trees, he stood and unzipped his pants and took his penis out of his pants. He was masturbating and jerking his penis all around and I started yelling, “What the F*&% is wrong with you?” He began to take a few steps away but we maintained eye contact and I continued to yell expletives at him and give him the finger. I was so mad the rest of my way home. I didn’t have my phone on me, and I kept looking for a cop to drive by so I could report the incidents, but of course I never saw one.

Submitted by em on 1/19/2010

Location: Piney Branch Road, Rock Creek Park

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