“Grade-A creep”

Here’s a bystander story. Last night I was riding the Metro home, and it was crowded. A young woman went to sit next to a guy in a suit, and she lost her balance when the train started to move and kind of fell on top of the guy. She composes herself and the guy says, smarmily, “That’s okay. You could’ve sat on my lap. You’re cute.” This girl looked so nervous and embarrassed.

I looked at this guy with my “What the hell?!” look at it was his turn to be embarrassed.

“Sorry, that was inappropriate of me,” he said. I nodded. Did he think he was clever with his commentary? What was the point? That guy was a grade-A creep.

Submitted by Anonymous on 1/15/2010

Location: Orange Line to Vienna

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3 Responses

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  2. cathy

    a sheet cake made of victory for you! yay!

  3. Anonymous Bystander

    Thanks! Though even his apology was dripping with entitlement, at least he learned his lesson and will hopefully learn to keep comments like that to himself.