The “Cuddler”

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On Sunday a woman awoke to a strange man in her bed.  The perpetrator is being called the “Cuddler” and according to the news, Police do not think this perpetrator is the same guy as the “Georgetown Cuddler”.

The “Georgetown Cuddler” was used to refer to a string of sexual assaults that have taken place in Georgetown.  According to The Sexist:

Since 2008, the unidentified assailant has been accused of everything from sneaking into women’s beds, covering them with blankets, and even placing his penis on a woman’s thigh.

We hate that the term “Cuddler” is used to describe a sexual assault perpetrator. Cuddling evokes thoughts of romance and sweetness. A strange man sneaking into a woman’s apartment, getting into bed with her, and and putting his penis on her, is far from romance and sweetness.