PSA: More Bystanders Needed

We’re back from our holiday vacation and ready to take 2010 by storm! We wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you all had a safe, harassment free holiday.  If you experienced any public sexual harassment over the holiday break let us know!

For us, 2010 will have a major focus on community mobilization, education, and activism. A big part of that will be working to build more allies and developing bystander intervention trainings on public sexual harassment.  We’ve had multiple discussions about the importance of bystanders in the fight against public sexual harassment so we were very intrigued by a PSA we saw while riding the Metro a few weeks ago.

Photo taken by Shannon on Blue Line towards Franconia-Springfield

While the PSA does mention crimes and psychological disasters as the types of topics they cover in the free bystander training program, there is an obvious focus on natural disasters.

After a quick Google search, we learned that DC Citizen Corps is the DC branch of the US Freedom Corps, which was  stared under President Bush as a way to expand volunteer service.

According to to the DC Citizen Corps site (under Serve DC):

DC Citizen Corps creates opportunities for individuals to help their communities prepare for and respond to emergencies. It brings together local leaders, citizen volunteers and the network of first responder organizations, such as fire departments, police departments and emergency medical personnel. The mission of the DC Citizen Corps is to have all citizens participate in making their communities safer, stronger and better prepared to prevent and handle threats of terrorism, crime, and disasters of all kinds.

Of course all of this has us thinking about what our own PSAs will look like as well as HBDC! bystander intervention
trainings focused on public sexual harassment!

If you are interested in finding out our more about DC Citizen Corps, their bystander trainings, and the various programs under DC Citizen Corps check out their site.

If you have any ideas for HBDC! regarding PSAs or bystander trainings, leave us a comment!

2 Responses

  1. Arlington resident

    Is there a similar program for Virginia residents? Can Virginia/Maryland residents be involved in this program?


    • hollabackdc

      Not sure. Does anyone know the answer to that question? I would think that VA has program since the US Freedom Corps is run through the White House. We recommend contacting the number on website to find out for sure, (202) 727-7925.

      When we develop our own HBDC! bystander intervention trainings we will do outreach throughout the DC Metro region.