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This may sound silly to people, but this makes me uncomfortable. There’s this driver of the 38B that goes through Georgetown around 5:40 in the evenings, and when we board the bus, he completely ignores everyone else but says “Hi, howya doin’?” to me. Then he stares at me a little too long for my taste. I have no problem saying “hi” to a bus driver if s/he says “hi” first—I do it frequently and thank them when I get off the bus. But when I’m being singled out for a “hi” each time, it makes me uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if I’m the first, middle or last person to board, I’m the target of his attention each time.

One time I didn’t respond to his “hi,” and he gives a huge sigh and mumbles something under his breath. I don’t know why this driver is so desperate to get my attention. If it’s for what I think it is, then sorry man, I’m not interested in you like that. My only interest in you is for you to get me to my destination safely.

I can’t leave work early to take the bus at a different time, and I don’t want to stay later than I have to to avoid him. I shouldn’t have to change my routine to avoid him.

Submitted by Anonymous on 12/18/2009

Location: 38B towards Ballston

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  1. Valerie F.

    Sorry that this is happening to you. You really should report him – you’re a paying customer, and more importantly, a human being – he doesn’t have the right to harrass you (and it is harrassment, don’t let anyone to tell you to “lighten up” – you know how his actions make you feel). You said you refused to respond once – he’ll take your being nice as an open invitation every time, so you have to make it a habit not to engage him AT ALL. Put on headphones if you have to and pretend you don’t hear him. The “huge sigh” is really douchey behavior intended to make you feel guilty for rebuffing him – not cool. If he still doesn’t get it after a while, report him.

    Sorry for the long- winded response, but I had a similar experience (though it wasn’t a bus driver). Good luck.

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