Catcalls and Insults

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Photo from craigCloutier via flickr

Two guys dressed casually in their 30s are walking toward me on the side walk. I’m a regular 24 year old girl walking around during lunch break at my 9-5 office job. They start yelling, “hey baby, why you lookin’ so good” and “DAMN!”. Annoyed, I roll my eyes as they pass by – that sets them off. They immediately start yelling, “you don’t look -that- good anyways!” and “what an ugly ho!” and continue with insults for another block.

Submitted by Jaylin on 12/17/2009

Location: K and 14th NW

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  1. Golden Silence

    Sad that these men only think of women as objects for their viewing pleasure, as opposed to being independent beings with complex thoughts, feelings and emotions. That’s why it’s easy for harassers to do a 180 from catcalling to insults. They don’t care about women’s feelings.