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I was crossing the street, and this red and white cement truck was beeping like crazy. I knew the beeps were directed at me since the truck was at a red light and there was no significant traffic.

“BEEEEP!” I hear. I ignore it. “BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!” I continue to ignore it.

I got stuck at the median because the light changed, so when the driver of the cement truck realized I wasn’t going to respond to him and the light changed green, he drove off.

The truck had MD plates 202 6B3 or 683 (it was hard to tell). I couldn’t see a company name on it, but if I did I would’ve reported it. They need to put cameras in these trucks. These truck drivers harass women because there’s no supervisor watching them and they get away with it. If a camera were in the truck they’d be caught.

Submitted by Anonymous on 12/18/2009

Location: Rt. 29 (Lee Hwy) & N. Adams Street, Arlington

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