Male Allies Survey Results

Thank you to all our male allies who participated in Male Allies Survey.  You can check out the results here.

  • 95% of men thought having women in their life talk to them about street harassment was a good form of education
  • 87% of men thought messaging about how women they care about experience street harassment would get them more involved in the issue
  • 82% of men said they would intervene when they witnessed street harassment
  • 73% of men said they were willing to talk to male friends  and family members about street harassment
  • 54% of men thought PSAs on public transportation would help inform men about street harassment
  • 50% of men would attend a community discussion on street harassment

One Response

  1. PooBear

    I guess I only encounter those 18% of men who don’t intervene because during my entire life I have never had someone tell another man to stop harrassing me.