“I like the way your pants cling to your butt!”

This happened earlier in the year but it got my blood boiling- I was walking to the Metro from my house in the late morning when a white van full of blue-collar type guys slowed down. The ring-leader yelled: “I like the way your pants cling to your butt!” while the other 4 or so men stared at me.

I gave them the sarcastic thumbs-up, though I wish I could’ve whipped out my cell phone Veronica Mars-style and captured their license plate and visages for YouTube and/or HollaBack DC.

Submitted by Anonymous on 12/16/2009

Location: Virginia: Shreve Rd and Rt. 7

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One Response

  1. aliciasanchezgill

    ugh, so sorry. that sounds awful, and so intimidating. a van full of men, middle of the day- so obviously in public, where other people could hear them talk to you like that. ugh. I see why you were so pissed. there’s so much power and intimidation behind that- which I guess is the point of street harassment. NO ONE could argue that they were just trying to give you “a friendly compliment”!

    but a clarifying question: what’s a “blue collar type” guy?