“From cruising to harassment.”

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Incident cross posted from urban bohemian:

When I posted last week’s observed encounter worthy of Holla Back DC! I didn’t think I’d have my own moment not too long after!

After getting in from work Monday evening, I decided to take the Circulator over to Barracks Row to fill up the booze stocks in the apartment. Difficult as it may be to believe, I haven’t had a proper martini in my place since moving in. Chat’s Liquors got great reviews on Yelp, so it was my designated target, the bus dropping me off barely 2 blocks from the store. Canvas bags in hand, I boarded the bus at the next to last stop before the route starts up again. So we were sitting outside the Navy Yard station for about 4-5 minutes.

I was already doing the “stare straight ahead” because of a woman of questionable sanity and her baby seated near me. She was either harassing or flirting with the bus driver, I couldn’t tell which. Though I wish I’d known it was an omen. A few people got on the bus, fumbled with bills, change or SmarTrip and took seats. I happened to be looking up as this one guy got on, and unfortunately there was some very brief eye contact, but within those milliseconds, a big grin formed on his face and he sat down right next to me. There were plenty of other seats available, but no, he sits right next to me and doesn’t just sit, but kinda pressed himself in, constantly fumbling with something in his pocket on the same side I was sitting. After a few internal eyerolls, the bus got moving along.

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Location: Circulator between Navy Yard and Marine Barracks

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