Raising Awareness on Public Transportation

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Photo by Daquella manera via flickr

We know from the number of submissions we’ve received that there is a lot of  sexual harassment occurring on our public transportation system.  We even know that it prevents some individuals from taking either the trains or buses.  At HBDC! we are always brainstorming on ways to improve safety on public transportation for women and LGBTQ individuals. One of the things we dream of is a day when we have PSAs that address gender-based public sexual harassment in metro stations, bus stations, buses, and trains.  One of the groups that inspires us is the  Rogers Park Young Women’s Action Team in Chicago. The work they’ve done has led directly to the implementation of the new CTA campaign that targets public sexual harassment.  The new ad states:

If it’s unwanted, it’s harassment. Touching. Rude comments. Leering. Speak up. If you see something, say something.

The bottom of the ads list information for who to contact if a rider is the target of sexual harassment.

Check out this video on the CTA’s new PSA and let us know your thoughts.  How would you like WMATA to address gender-based public sexual harassment? What types of community based solutions do you think are needed to improve the safety of women and LGBTQ individuals on our trains and buses? Have you experienced public sexual harassment on our public transportation system or reported an incident to WMATA? Help us track the problem by sharing your experience.