“Hey Blondie!”

I was walking back from a bar crawl with my roommate. It was a Saturday night — still early, around 10:00pm. We walked by a group of people whose party had spilled out onto their front porch.

Usually large groups of loud, drunk men make me nervous, but I was with my friend and saw that there were women on the front porch too. I had my guard down when I was greeted with a rousing, “Hey Blondie!” which I ignored. We continued to walk by. “Don’t walk away Blondie!” As we continued down the street, the man screamed after me, “Fuck you bitch!”

My friend and I started walking much faster after that. I wasn’t in the mood to engage verbally, so I just gave him the finger as we turned the corner. Guess I am a bitch after all!

Submitted by Anonymous on 11/4/2009

Location: 11th and Harvard

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