Gender-based attacks at Georgetown Univeristy

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We just got word of two gender based public sexual attacks in Georgetown thanks to DCist, both individuals were attacked based on their sexual orientation.

From DCist

The Georgetown University Department of Public Safety has the details on the second bias-related assault in the last few days near the school. Early this morning, a Georgetown student was attacked by an unknown male near 36th and N Streets NW.

According to the public safety alert: Immediately prior to the assault, the suspect asked the victim several times, “Are you a homo?” The suspect fled the scene after physically assaulting the victim.

The victim was then transported to Georgetown University hospital for treatment. The Georgetown Hoya’s account of the incident notes that the assailant was wearing red and white face paint and a black leather jacket. Earlier this week, another student was attacked by two men who had made derogatory comments about her perceived sexual orientation. MPD is currently conducting investigations into both crimes.

Flash protests against the hate crimes at the University’s Red Square are currently being organized through Twitter and other social media networks, and are expected to occur early this evening.

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